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Welcome back, fellow SKP!!
Willkommen, Gefährte SKP!!
歡迎, SKP 家伙!!
Welkom, kameraad SKP!!
Benvenuti, collega SKP!!
Bienvenidos, compañero SKP!!
Bienvenue, camarade SKP!!
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Welcome home to SKP Forum v3!!

    SKP forum refreshed!


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    SKP forum refreshed! Empty SKP forum refreshed!

    Post by Admin on Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:07 pm

    Hey SKPs, as you browse SKP forum, you can see the obvious change. This change should have toggled a few new options to the forum.

    The few new additions are:
    1. The multi-quote function in the individual posts. This option allows you to display or not, a multi-quote button. Now it will be easier to quote several posts at the same time.

    2. The scrolling news function below the SKP main header. One of the most promising in terms of evolution possibilites. It displays annoucements in the form of text or images, on portal, forum, or all pages of the forum.

    3. The addition of the "thanks" button in individual posts. The button "Thanks" allows a member who created a topic to thank the user who wrote the message that it considers most appropriate. The post then appears highlighted.

    SKP forum refreshed! Reputa12

    4. The advanced profiles of each SKP member. There are different tab such as:
    - The user messages: You can write a message on the profile of a member.
    - The friends list.
    - Statistics.
    - Contact information: You can contact the member.
    - The fields of the profile.

    5. You can now see all your users avatars while browsing the members list.

    6. You can now edit your own profile fields by viewing your profile page through the members list. (Mailing addresses & contact numbers are now a mandatory field to be filled up in your profile page). I understand that some of the SKPs do not have contact numbers of other SKPs so this function helps them.

    Do not be obliged to leave a comment or a feedback in the feedback thread!! Thank you! Very Happy

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